Western Australia's defence industry needs skilled workers to meet future industry requirements and prepare for major projects happening now and up to the next 20 years. Defence career opportunities are available across Western Australia’s defence industry in trade, paraprofessional, professional and specialist roles.

Occupation spotlight

When considering your role in Western Australia’s defence industry, the following 21 occupations are in-demand and will be required to sustain current and upcoming defence projects in Western Australia. 

  • business development manager
    Project management and supply chain

    Business development manager

    Business development managers identify, plan, and coordinate research and development activities to enhance the business' goods and services.

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  • procurement manager
    Project management and supply chain

    Procurement manager

    A procurement manager oversees the acquisition of materials, services and equipment to supply defence industry agencies.

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  • civil construction design
    Project management and supply chain

    Program manager

    Program managers oversee and coordinate multiple special Defence projects and support services.

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  • project manager
    Project management and supply chain

    Project manager

    Project managers oversee the operations of individual projects within a program of work.

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  • project scheduler
    Project management and supply chain

    Project scheduler

    Project schedulers are responsible for creating and managing systems that plan, monitor, control, and report the progress and performance of projects and programs.

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