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Advanced Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering

ID 52873WA

This comprehensive qualification in civil and structural engineering will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work on projects ranging fro

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Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design

ID RII60520

All of the world's most exciting infrastructure facilities such as roads, railways, buildings, train stations, airports, bridges and tunnels all st

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Advanced Diploma of Cyber Security

ID 22610VIC

This qualification is perfect for people who already have some experience in the world of information technology or cyber security.

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Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Mechanical)

ID MEM60122

Specialise in mechanical engineering with this course covering advanced mathematics, planning and design.

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Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology – Electrical

ID UEE62122
This qualification gives you the skills for the implementation of smart homes (Internet of Things), automated industrial production line mechatronics,
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