Drafters work closely with engineers to create precise drawings, technical plans and maps. This supports the design, development, and manufacturing of specialised machinery. Their detailed work assists in servicing and supporting the Australian Defence Force by ensuring accurate specifications and guidelines are followed.

Other Occupation Titles

Engineering draftsperson
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technician

Jack Morris, Trainee Drafter at BAE Systems Australia

“Graduate roles are really competitive and the Defence Industry Pathways Program gave me real work experience. Once I was in, I was able to prove myself. In my drafting traineeship, I get to solve unique problems every day. Working on old and new, cutting edge technology, and knowing no matter how small the job, it directly contributes to Australia’s defence capabilities.

My career goals at the moment is to complete the role that I’ve signed with BAE and get the most out of that, that I can. Then finish my Diploma of Engineering, Technical Drafting in the two years and become a drafts person and practice the skills and role.”

This profile was correct at the time of publishing.

drafter trainee standing in front of ship yard

VET pathways

To become a drafter, you usually need to complete a qualification in Design or Engineering.

  • MEM30522 – Certificate III in Engineering – Technical 
  • RII40820 – Certificate IV in Civil Construction
  • RII60520 – Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design
  • 52889WA – Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering
  • 52873WA – Advanced Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering

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Tertiary pathways

To broaden your educational opportunities and expand your career prospects, it is worth considering pursuing a Bachelor's degree or higher in:

  • Mechatronic Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

Indicative salary range

Low end – $80,000
High end – $125,000

Source: Kinexus Defence Industry Insights Tenth Edition.

Low end salary is based on positions with 1–3 years of experience, and High end salary is based on 15–20 years of experience.

Total Salary Package = Full-time annual equivalent of base salary or rate plus statutory superannuation and any other remuneration applicable to the role (before tax).

Salaries may vary based on scope and level of responsibility. Certain occupations may experience higher total salaries than listed due to receiving bonus or commission payments.

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